Performance from the heart!

Nona is a model, burlesque artist, actress and variety entertainer. She splits her time between Baltimore and New Orleans. She travels from the South all the way up to NYC and Chicago, even across the pond to Switzerland spreading her brand of unique, eclectic, and dynamic performance art! She is a rhinestone supplier, and makes jewelry, accessories and costumes.



Twirly Whirly Burly-Q

Award-winning NYC Burlesque Stars Ula Uberbusen, Rosie Cheeks & Boo Bess bring you a burlesque extravaganza straight outta the days of old New York!

Featuring Special Guests Cherie Nuit and Nona Narcisse!

Experience the nostalgia of old burlesque and the excitement of avant-garde theater. Brought to you by an entirely female creative team, this show celebrates sensuality, sexuality, the female form and good old-fashioned girl-power.

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The Equinox has come, heralding the strengthening of the Sun. As the earth slowly awakens from her slumber, so do our limbs start stretching awake from winder stagnation. The Hexworkers have thawed and come together to bring you a celestial celebration to shake loose those winter blues. The forces of Mab Just Mab and Jim Dandy combine to lead our narrative, as Miss V and Eyrie Twilight serve the ritual exuberant ecdysiasts, with special local guests Nona Narcisse, Dainty Dandridge and Virgin Sacrifice Doe Bardot joining our revelry on the Bier Baron Stage. Buster Britches serves the witches as our Go Go Elemental while Stage Satyr Clint Essential keeps our circumference clean and provides his unique, hexy energies to our coven. Danny Cavalier keeps our momentum throughout the evening. Every show features vending by The Carrion Bible, purveyor of fine, wearable and sharable art crafted from natural materials, along with other local artisans and makers. Curious? Join us for one night, for a celebration of all things Sacred and Sexy. 

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​Nona Narcisse